Indian Traders Will Compete in the Trading Race at the BinomotoGP on Binomo Trading Platform

Business Wire India
Binomo is one of the world’s top platforms in FTT launched in 2015. The service offers trading on 70+ assets, a demo account to practice risk-free, ready-to-implement strategies, 100+ articles in the Help Center, and support chat available for users. Binomo has mobile apps on all popular app markets.
The BinomotoGP is a $16,000 total prize pool international trading race with the greatest winners trophies ever. Two weeks, 4 Apple prizes, and 1 super moto-prize. Traders will compete for their country’s honor in the circled competition with trophies on each lap.
From July 18, 2022, to 31 July 2022 will be hosted the Binomoto Grand Prix. Participants will earn tickets by trading on a real account and checking their position on the leaderboard. The more tickets they get means more chances to win.
BinomotoGP is a competition with transparent rules.
Participation is absolutely free. To join, traders should make the first deposit and trade on their real account.
BinomotoGP has a ticket system. Each participant will get 1 ticket for R$950 ($190) total trading amount per day. 1 day – 1 ticket. The more tickets mean the higher chances of winning in competition.
BinomotoGP is a 3 lap circled trading race with valuable giveaways on each part.
Participants can join the part they want or take part in all to increase their chances of winning in one of three raffles or even all of them.
The first lap is a period from July 18 to 24
TWO Macbooks Pro 13 will be raffled at the end of this lap until July 27.

Rules are the same: participants need to make trades on a real account with a 9000 INR / 120 USD / 115 EUR total trading amount daily to get tickets.
The second lap is a period from July 25 to 31
TWO more Macbooks Pro 13 will be raffled at the end of this part until August 3.
Rules are still the same. Correct trading forecasts mean tickets. Tickets mean opportunities to win.
Ready, Set, GO! The Final giveaway
The grand prize, which is much BIGGER.
Sports-bike will be raffled until August 3 among all the participants of BinomotoGP.

All the tickets collected during the whole BinomotoGP are participating in this part.

The winners will be chosen automatically with a randomizer.

More details are on the BinomotoGP website or on the Binomo trading platform.