Davaindia’s Record-Breaking Achievement of Signing up 180 New Stores in a Single Month

Business Wire India

Davaindia is India’s Fastest growing Retail chain of Generic Pharmacy powered by Zota Health Care Limited.
Inspired by the revolutionary campaign by our Prime Minister for Generic Medicines, the company launched its lowest-priced generic medical stores, by the brand name of Davaindia
The company has so far 550 stores across India with 15,000,00 Happy Customers. and already signed up 444 new store agreements which will be operative soon. The company aims to spread their wings pan-India by opening new stores in every village, town, city in next two years’ time.
More than 1500 drugs, ayurvedic, gym supplements, OTC, nutraceuticals, surgical, Cosmetics and wellness products are available in the stores of Davaindia.
The company has signed up 180 new stores in just one month. Due to the company’s consistently successful performance, transparent practices and quality support, the trust in the company has been steadily increasing. The company launched 50 new franchise stores in this month.
According to the Chairman of the company, Mr. Ketan Zota, the company is going to launch 450 new products simultaneously in the range of its wellness products in association with Khadi India (sponsored by the Khadi and Industry Commission of the Government of India). Khadi India will specially produce this range of product for Davaindia.

The company is also planning to add 250 new products soon to its existing range of products.
Elaborating further, the company’s Managing Director, Mr. Moxesh Zota, said that the company offers two types of franchise stores, namely, a pharmacy store and a signature store. The company also plans to open its new range of Ayurvedic and Wellness store.
At a time when many people are looking for a new business, the company is motivated by the Atmanirbhar Bharat scheme and plans to start this new type of store with very small investment.
The company has recently launched its Android app so that customers can check rate difference of Generic Medicine and Branded Medicine even while sitting at home. They can also check nearby store of Davaindia. An app for Apple phones users will be launched soon.
Generic Medicine costs up to 90% less as compared to branded medicines. Generic medicines are equally effective as branded medicines and consist of same composition.
The company aims to reach as many people as possible with the benefits of over-the-counter medicines as the company maintains a low MRP of the existing medicines.