ICS Career GPS Mobile App Releases Globally for Android and iOS Devices

Business Wire India
Students and young professionals dealing with career confusion compounded by Covid-induced uncertainty, can now navigate their way to their best-fit careers through the ICS Career GPS mobile app. This app was formally released globally for both Android and Apple on August 15th, 2020. The Institute for Career Studies (ICS) is also offering the first personalised career guidance session free of cost on the app, for a limited period.

ICS CAREER GPS – An App That Bridges The Gap

The ICS Career GPS is built to offer an immersive experience with expertly crafted aptitude, interest and personality exercises – which guide users to better understand themselves – before zeroing in on career clusters that best match their profiles. The next stage takes users through a career deep dive wherein a treasure of information about courses, campuses, emerging trends, and career paths opens up for them. At each stage of the app-journey, there is a seamless connect to highly experienced career counsellors. The App’s virtual inaugural event was attended by chief guest Prof TS Powdyel, former education minister of Bhutan, who lauded ICS’ approach of high-touch with high-tech in his keynote address.

Dr. Amrita Dass, Founder-Director, ICS, and a leading educationist and career consultant, said, “In the 35 years of my counselling experience, I have found that the ideal approach to move from confusion to clarity and make informed educational and career decisions is to know yourself, inform yourself, and plan for yourself. The ICS Career GPS handholds students through these easy and essential steps to bring instant career clarity.”

Rishi Bagla, Promoter Bagla Group and an investor in the ICS Career GPS, said that the opportunity that ICS offers to the country to make ideal career choices is phenomenal. “For our business group, the most important thing is to have a social purpose. True independence comes when we are an educated country and for that, it is important to know yourself. Informed career choices made by our youth early on in their lives will not only lead to their success but also take India to the next level. The reason why we chose to believe and invest in ICS is because we feel that they can impact lives meaningfully and globally.”

Kavita Dass, Director (Counselling) ICS, shared that the app had been put together by career guidance counsellors with over 35 years of extensive experience in the field.

Explaining why ICS, a well-known name in the world of career counselling since 1985, decided to follow the app route, Ajit Dass, Director (Operations) ICS, said, “A nation’s people are its assets and must receive the appropriate career counselling and guidance. Based on UNESCO estimates, India has around 50 million students who need career counselling. World-over, the figure is five times higher. To take our deep expertise and knowledge to these students, a cutting-edge digital platform was crucial.”

To showcase how parents play a significant role in supporting their children’s dreams, the Musaddi family shared their ICS experience, and were excited about how the app would make this stellar counselling process more accessible. Raghav Chandra, Co-Founder, Urban Company (formerly Urban Clap), and Rhea Chandra, Senior Product Manager at Grab SEA, shared their success stories as ICS alumni and panellists at the launch event. Rohit and Prerna Musaddi who are also renowned educationists noted: “All parents want the best for their children. This was the key reason why we chose ICS while looking for professional career guidance for Raghav and Rhea. At the time, we did our own survey and found out that several top schools of the country were consulting ICS for career counselling services.”

The virtual inaugural event was attended by a galaxy of trailblazers, including globally renowned educationists, parents, students and teachers, and was viewed by thousands.