Hisense’s European Sales Revenue Surges to 113%, Successfully Strengthen European Competitive Position and Profitability

Business Wire India

Hisense, the official sponsor of UEFA EURO 2020, celebrates the official kick-off of EURO 2020 in Italy. Football, as one of the top events in Europe, creates a chance for Hisense to build emotional connections with European consumers. Ever since the sponsorship of UEFA EURO 2016, through supporting sport event and technology innovation, Hisense gains many recognitions and praises from European consumers; its brand awareness increased by 6%. In 2021, Hisense’s sales revenue in the European market grew by 113% year-on-year, with more than 355% and 185% growth in key markets such as Poland and France. Hisense is dedicated to developing and producing cutting-edge technology, adopting localization strategy to ensure different markets’ consumer needs and product experience.


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Fans can find Hisense Logo on EURO 2020 Festival Tower (Photo: Business Wire)

Localization management


Hisense has set up branches and offices in Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, France, and other European countries, actively expanding local sales by cooperating with Amazon, Euronics, ElectonicPartner, local dealer, etc.


Hisense has also increased investment in Europe to improve brand awareness and accelerate the localization process. In 2021, from January to May, ULED TV U7 and ULED TV U8 sales in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia increased 181% year-on-year, and sales revenue increased 258% year-on-year. To meet local market demands and accelerate products production, Hisense signed an agreement with the Slovenian government and planning to produce 2.5 million TVs for the European market in 2021.


Product localization


Dedicated to technical innovation and putting consumer first, Hisense makes customized products according to different market needs. For example, due to the high humidity levels in the U.K., Hisense adjusts the regular 1200 spins of the drying washing machine to 1400 spins locally for the U.K. market to make laundry dry faster.


In addition to taking care of consumer habits, Hisense also optimizes its products in response to the local market and environmental changes. According to market research, impacted by Covid-19 and lockdown, European consumers demand a larger fridge to store food. Hisense launched a 2-meters SkyLine refrigerator, which its height and volumes are designed larger, and successfully fulfil European consumers’ demand.


Localization recruitment


Hisense insists on localized management by establishing localized teams, such as sales, production, logistics, customer care, through project management and work authorization. Hisense believes that the local management and insights from local employees can better integrate into its market.


Hisense’s European TV factory has double more employees since it opened. To strengthen the localized operations, the factory continues to hire local employees. “Hisense’s TV factory makes a significant contribution to the development of the region by creating more than 700 new jobs” says Minister Zdravko Počivalšek.


Looking ahead, Hisense will continue to work hand in hand with the European market, cooperate closely with local departments and partners, to provide high-quality technology products and services for European consumers.