Learn Marketing From An Industry Leader – Pravin Chandan

Business Wire India
“Marketing is a field that sees constant change. One that can not be learnt just once. It requires continuous education & growth,” says Mr Pravin Chandan who has recently started a mentorship programme for young marketers.

This mentorship includes integrated, project-based guidance, blogs for general learnings & much more. Mr Pravin Chandan has been in the field of marketing for over two decades & had several accolades to his name. He has been pivotal in the growth of several companies & has also helped up & coming entrepreneurs find their way in a turbulent market.
A common query would be why Mr Chandan chose now, to start providing mentorship, the answer would not be surprising. Marketing, especially in the digital sphere, has taken the front seat over the last year and a half. With the ability to carry out events or meet the customers & speak to them, digital methods have become every company’s saving grace. So there is in fact, no better time than now.
Added to the same, scores of young professionals have lost their livelihood during this time & have been working on starting their own small businesses & startups to keep themselves afloat. Some are even seeing this as an opportunity to start up on ideas that they have always had, but never had the time to develop on. As a stark contrast to this, some have found new hope within the lockdown & have come to find more time on their hands, time that they have been able to harness, to upskill. A flurry of this upskilling has been in the marketing field. Marketing is an indispensable part of every person’s skill-set & the same can be seen in the tremendous number of marketing workshops that have been running over the last two years.
While workshops would provide a great deal of information & would give a person a bird’s-eye-view into the workings of elaborate marketing strategies, it may not serve the learner the best, if they intend to use these skills to run a business or guide a marketing team. This would require long-term guidance for implementation, specific channels & strategies may call for a deeper understanding of applicable concepts.
That’s where mentorship comes in. It acts as a great intermediary between going to school for marketing & attending the occasional workshops. Mentorship allows one to get the knowledge needed, to the depth they need, without the commitment of too much time. A mentor would be able to provide adequate guidance & help understand the nuances of various marketing strategies & learn through application with guided integrations. A mentor can also help understand specific markets, its target audience, necessities & the go-to strategy that is likely to work for the market.
The mentor also brings in unparalleled amounts of experience. Experience that can help overcome hurdles & solve challenges quickly & effectively.
Mr Pravin Chandan has thought about the various needs of aspiring marketers & has therefore created various channels of learning. No matter what the need & time constraints, someone looking for guidance on marketing, can find their home with him & his organization.
On www.pravinchandan.com, aspiring marketers can find blogs that talk about various subcategories of marketing & operations, from managing teams to planning social media calendars. These blogs are also detailed & form a step-by-step guide that can be easily followed by a newbie.
Mr Pravin Chandan offers mentorship to college students, freshers and corporate employees alike & has been known to provide them with incomparable knowledge through his sessions. He is also frequently associated with providing guidance to direct selling practitioners at www.milifestlemarketing.com. He can assist with setting up marketing plans from scratch, rehauling existing plans & helping mentees get through challenges that seem difficult. With his mentorship comes 20 years of insight from being deep in the market & trailblazing through segments.
“With the right guidance, no obstacle is too hard to overcome,” said Mr Pravin Chandan when asked what message he’d like to give the aspiring marketers of the country.