Titomic & Néos to Manufacture Invar36 Faceplates in the UK

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Titomic has signed a Heads of Agreement with Neos International Limited to form a joint venture in the United Kingdom which will manufacture and sell Invar 36 Faceplates and multi-metal product solutions for the Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Nuclear industries. The products will be manufactured using Titomic’s Kinetic Fusion (TKF) Technology and Neos’ specialist engineering and tooling expertise.


The Neos Titomic joint venture will enhance the rapid delivery of Invar and Nickel Shell Tooling and related products to the Aerospace and other vital sectors. The rapid delivery of TKF manufactured tools will assist in the uptake of next generation carbon fibre composite technologies, critical for the production of lightweight fuel-efficient aircraft and equipment to support the UK’s Aircraft and Space Industries.


This joint venture will ensure the high-rate production of mould tools, nickel tools and Defence solutions across the UK supply chain, supporting the UK’s position on next-generation aircraft.


Aircraft manufacturers routinely experience extremely long lead times for tooling required to manufacture carbon fibre parts, caused by limitations of cast and wrought manufacturing. To assist industry in meeting this demand, Titomic has undertaken two years of extensive R&D to validate TKF manufacturing for tooling. This work has culminated in an effective manufacturing process and a commercial relationship with Neos to bring the technology to the UK.


Traditionally, Invar tooling is manufactured by machining billets or casting, which results in up to 90% material wastage or porous tools, respectively. The TKF process addresses these challenges by manufacturing near-net-shape faceplates requiring only 10-20% of material to be machined away to create a finished faceplate in a substantially shorter time. With only 0.5% porosity, these tools exceed all vacuum leak testing standards for aerospace carbon fibre moulding.


With these benefits, clients reduce costs, lead times, and waste thus improving overall productivity.


This joint venture highlights Titomic’s growth strategies, ensuring that the TKF technology adds value and capability to industries around the world.


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